arguments for abortion

This article sets out the women's rights arguments that, in certain circumstances, favour abortion.
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Pro-choice arguments (for abortion). Some believe a woman should have the right to choose to have an abortion, whatever the reason. She should not have to persuade two doctors that she is making the right choice. Arguments include: It's the mother's body - she should decide what happens; Every baby has the right to
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An argument first presented by Judith Jarvis Thomson states that even if the fetus is a person and has a right to life, abortion is morally permissible because a woman has a right to control her own body and its life-support functions. Thomson's variant of this argument draws an analogy between forcing a woman to continue
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The case against abortion is straightforward. A human embryo or fetus is a human being (a member of the species Homo sapiens) and all human beings, at every developmental stage, have a right to life. It is unjust, therefore, to intentionally kill an unborn human being. ​. Types of arguments for abortion. ​. Defenders of

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